And Rolex's specifications require an even greater degree of regulation

The biggest advantage for those wearing the new Pepsi fake is the increased power reserve. Instead of two days, the replica watch provides almost three full days of uninterrupted power. The main contributor to the increased power reserve is the more efficient Chronergy escapement. The geometry of the pallet fork and escape wheel has been optimized, and the LIGA process, in which these parts are formed with a galvanic molding process, has allowed Rolex to produce perforated and therefore replica watches lighter components. And thanks to the nickel-phosphorus alloy used, the escapement is no longer affected by magnetic fields. What has remained are the well-known advantages of Rolex movements: an extremely stable balance cock instead of a single-sided balance wheel, the free hairspring with Breguet overcoil and the adjustable fine regulator with Microstella weights on the balance wheel. Rolex has constantly improved the caliber in the fundamental virtues of precision, longevity and robustness.

The decorations are present, such as a sunburst finish, but there is no hand-applied engraving. The new movement can also be identified by a detail on the dial: a tiny Rolex crown is placed between the two words “Swiss Made” on the edge of the dial. As always with Rolex replicas, the official Swiss chronometer certification institute COSC confirms the High accuracy of movement at various temperatures and positions. And Rolex's specifications require an even greater degree of regulation, with an average deviation of between -2 and +2 seconds per day. Our test watch met these high expectations on the timing machine and showed an average deviation of only +1 second. The rate remained between 0 and +3 seconds in all six replica breitling positions; as a result, the largest positioning error was measured at just +3 seconds with a manageable drop in amplitude between the horizontal and vertical positions. At $9,250, the GMT-Master II Pepsi steel replica sits in the price range of medium level. There are cheaper manufacturing alternatives with a second time zone, as well as more expensive ones, but when it comes to value retention, almost none can compete with fake Rolexes. Since June 2018, this new timepiece has been delivered in very limited numbers and the few pieces that are resold through online auctions cost at least twice as much as new.

Demand enormously exceeds supply. As the number of replica watches delivered increases, prices of used replica watches are expected to decline slightly, and we expect prices to more or less follow the trends of the GMT-Master II Batman, which sells for about 10 percent more than at the new price, even with signs of wear. However, in the next few years, it will be difficult to purchase a Pepsi from an authorized retailer as the waiting lists are already full. Rolex has hit the mark with its new reissue of the blue and red GMT-Master II in steel. Although the design has changed very little over the past 60 years, the replica watch has become a classic with a timeless look rather than simply vintage. The Jubilee bracelet is a good fit with the replica watch. Rolex has improved the internal technology and offers even greater value with a longer power reserve. Functionally, Rolex offers more than most other manufacturers: from the bracelet extension to the time zone adjustment function, as well as the highest levels of precision, readability and comfort. A clear case back would be a welcome addition. And it would be great if Rolex could deliver orders to everyone who says, “I'll have a Pepsi, please!”